Theresa Roche



Theresa is a unique actress who holds the audience's attention with a captivating performance and is also very directable.

She has played a wide range of roles from TV newsreader in a feature film to a major role as the high priestess in another feature film about an evil cult.

Having experience as a presenter in an online TV show called 'Friends in Need' as well as playing major roles in several shorter films, Theresa has featured in commercials too.

She played Morgana Le Fay in a documentary about the Arthurian legend & played Mrs Isabella Beeton for the SS Great Britain. The Film Noir "Kitten in the Cat Trap, Vimeo" has Theresa looking totally different in a Blonde wig.




Theresa plays Miss Marshall, a military teacher who is strict and will let any disobedience go without punnishment by the cane. She teaches Alice how to behave in school.