Lamin Tamba



Lamin is a British actor of African descent .Born and raised in rural Gambia, West Africa, with eight siblings. He moved to the United Kingdom to pursue his career and was soon spotted by a talent agent who was captivated by Lamin's unique striking features and engaging personality.


Often described as a Directors Dream due to his quick grasp of characters, creativity and fearlessness you really need to see him perform to feel his powerful presence. It is the same irresistible charm that attracted the attention of the agent who would later become pivotal in his career in acting. Lamin was always a film, art and fashion fanatic.


Marrying his love of art and creativity and an acting career was a match made in heaven. No sooner has he started auditioning than he started booking roles. It has been a meteoric rise ever since. He trained briefly at Stellar Adler Academy in Hollywood, CA, in November 2010, and in 2011 his star began to rise. Lamin later enrolled at the part-time award winning Identity School of Acting, London.


He has gone on from strength to strength with some of his films making it to the big screen. His rise may surprise some but not those who worked with him. His relentless energy and desire for perfection complimented by his array of skills makes him a joy to work with.


Lamin is on various film projects in the UK and overseas, with renown production houses. He often said he wants his work to be celebrated one day. His immediate priority is to ensure he delivers compelling moving pictures every time he is given the chance.



Amos, a passionate member of the local church. He meets Mary and shows her the true doctrine of the State Church, but can he be trusted?