Howy Bratherton



Howy discovered a taste for acting at the age of 18 before leaving school. Already on his way to The University of Central Lancashire in 2004 to study Law with English Literature, Howy changed his mind during his first year and completed his University life with a BA Hons in Drama with Literature in 2007.


Determined to take his acting to the next level, he started applying and auditioning for various Acting Schools in London, including the likes of RADA and LAMDA, but it was The International School of Screen Acting that really caught Howy's attention as it was an acting school dedicated to the medium of Film/TV acting.


In 2009, Howy graduated from the International School of Screen Acting with a diploma in Screen Acting, after a one year post-graduate course. Howy doesn't just enjoy acting for film and TV, he also enjoys dabbling the boards a little, and proved this by taking part in 2010's Camden Fringe Festival in a play called 'Fox Girl Five' written by Eddie Coleman and directed by Amber Holmes.


Howy was delighted to come on board with Laura J. and Ginnie Watson to be a part of 'I AM AN ACTOR', and to make his Actor/Writer/Director debut with Schizophrenia and Me and Me (2011). Due to his enjoyment of writing scripts, Howy has joined forces with his long time friend, Pedro Del Battenberg, to create pH films. Howy signed with Marlowes Agency in 2010. Howy plays a lead character, Teeth, in the new series, Safelight 19 (2012).




Matthew, the husband of Mary and father of Thomas and Samuel. When the family is captured and they are seperated, he gets tempted to take the microchip and through a series of circumstances loses his way. He gets distracted by Lydia, a beautiful woman who finally gets him to not only go against his beliefs but also to betray all those who trusted him. Will he ever find his salvation?