This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organisations, places, events and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales although in some instances are based around real events, the use of these in this work is entirely coincidental. The following information maps out key historic events that led to the development of the new world society and the development of the G.O.D.TECH generation with chip integration to mainstream society. 


1964 A US scientist experiments with a prototype electronic monitoring system. This is the first incarnation of a tracking and locating device. ​


1970 Tagging devices are first used in the United States. ​


1981 The British Home Office approves a proposal for the electronic tagging of offenders to track their movements, or fix a home curfew, using cellular radio telephone technology. ​


1990 Microchip implants introduced as a means of identifying dogs, cats, horses, or other animals via an integrated circuit placed under the skin. The chip, about the size of a large grain of rice, uses passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. ​


1995 The British Home Secretary proposed that Microchip ID cards be mandatory, however with strong opposition it was eventually settled as a voluntary scheme. The plan was dropped in 1997. 


1997 Scientists at US based Vision-Chip Enterprises create 1st fully functional GPS MC implanted under skin track which is tested in couple of prisons in USA. ​


1998 Britain tests microchip implants on human beings, The integrated circuit device or RFID transponder encased in silicate glass is implanted and contained a unique ID number that can be linked to information contained in an external database, such as personal identification, medical history, medications, allergies, and contact details. ​


1998 A Vision-Chip Enterprise (VCE) scientist demonstrates a new ability to control basic functions of RF devices in his home via moving his arm which contains a microchip implant. ​


1998 This year was declared the worst weather on record. Large-scale natural disasters are three times as common as they were in the 1960's. Widespread fear of end of world prior to the new millennium is rife. Any new government legislation is viewed sceptically and all ideas around microchip identification are buried. ​


1998 Piotr Jan is born in on 13th June in Romania. He is destined to be a significant influence in the future of the world order. ​


1999 Europe’s single currency came into being but it remained a “virtual” currency, mainly used by banks and the financial markets for three years thereafter. In 2002 it become a “real” currency due to the introduction of euro banknotes and coins. ​

2001 In the US Hijackers cause two airliners to crash into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York. A third plane slams into the Pentagon in Washington, and a fourth crashes in Pennsylvania. In Britain there is a similar Terrorist attack but this time on Bus and the London Underground. The Presidency and British Prime Minister jointly declare a ‘War on Terrorism’ and pledged to play a full part in strikes against those responsible. Osama bin Laden is declared as public enemy number 1. ​


2002 The VCE receives preliminary approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market its microchips within the U.S. under specific guidelines. The device receives full FDA approval in 2004. ​


2002 The Microchip ID cards are once again brought back onto the UK agenda as a way to protect minors from indecent material on the internet and from underage drinking. This time it was rejected outright by opposing parties protesting about data protection and infringement of personal rights. It is the second time in less than ten years that the idea has been floated and failed to be implemented. ​


2003 The USA and Britain declared war on Iraq as part of the ‘War on Terrorism’. Their mission: to disarm Iraq of its Weapons of Mass Destruction. And removed what they call the ‘terrorist regime’ of Saddam Hussein. ​


2004 The UK and USA designates June as National Micro-chipping month in which all pets owners can register for their pets to be micro-chipped for free. ​


2007 Brian Wormald steps down from the Board of Directors of Vision-Chip Enterprises in order to devote his full time to politics joining the Republican party. Later that year reports are leaked nationally about identical implants to the Vision-Chip design causing cancer in hundreds of laboratory animals. At the same time there is a political storm rising from several religious groups about the implantation of microchips in humans. The effect of this devastated the company's stock price of the company. ​


2008 Vision-Fone (A subsidiary of Vision-Chip) creates a contactless card technology which allows transactions via without chip & pin security and opens and locks doors via encrypted data stored in the chip. VCE are hoping this will turnaround the fortunes of the company but it is limited in its adoption from the outset. ​


2008 Freak weather conditions across the Middle East cause widespread crashes of the internet. Millions of personal and corporate records are damaged or lost. The UK experienced the largest earthquake ever devastating many businesses with power losses and lost back up data. In the wake of which a fledgling technology company Apollo-Recovery Technology (ART) thrives being curiously one of the only companies in its field to be unaffected, it is also contracted to recover data losses in the Middle East. ​


2010 Piotr Jay at 12 yrs old is sent to St Paul's Boarding School in London to continue his education. ​


2010 The Reconciliation Act of was passed in the US to create a National Medical Device Registry to collect safety data on medical devices such as pacemakers etc and hold this information on a national electronic database controlled by Personal Identification Corporation. Also hidden within this bill is legislation around a microchip implant in the US health care bill. The language defines a microchip implant as, “A class II device that is implantable.” According to the government’s own definition, the term, “A Class II device that is implantable,” is a transponder or RFID chip. Therefore a microchip! ​


2012 Vision-Chip Enterprises having seen its fortunes decline irrevocably is thrown a lifeline as the fast growing Apollo-Recovery Technology offers to buy them out and along with the deal ART acquires the Vision-Chip implantable microchip and all related technologies. They also take over the management of the personal health record from Personal Identification Corporation. ​


2013 Apollo-Recovery Technology announces a surprise merger with the human research organisation, ‘The Free American Technological Human Extension Research’, (or commonly known as FATHER). FATHER is headed up by Brian Wormald but under Apollo he accepts the role of Technical and Neurogenic Development Director. The company adopts ‘F.A.T.H.E.R.’ as its parent name and now owns all documentation and rights to the microchip technology and the equipment for implanting processing chips.


2018 Following graduation with Master of Science with distinction Piotr Jay now 20 yrs old Joins F.A.T.H.E.R. as a graduate recruit. Brian Wormald takes on the role as Director of the Board. ​


2022 The US has declared war on North Korea as part of the ‘War on Terrorism Act 2001’. Rumours circulate that North Korea had Weapons of Mass Destruction and were ready to use them in the event of any strikes in their country. US officials have announced that they will attack with or without British support. ​


2023 In January the world again stunned as North Korea launches a nuclear strike in retaliation against America and Western Europe. This launches the world into an unprecedented 3rd World War. ​


2023 An incredible 6 months later a ceasefire of global nuclear war is called and in the aftermath many countries that have been caught in cross-fire stand annihilated. Remaining world leaders meet in an underground congress to discuss peace talks. The few remaining countries including parts of America, Japan and Europe are discussing changes in the War on Terrorism Act to prevent such a global catastrophe from happening again. A new ‘War on Terrorism Act 2023’ is passed focusing on building peace and security in a fully free market economy with no country borders and, most importantly, no war. ​


2024 On 9th November after initial opposition from religious and human rights charities a new ‘World Parliament’ is established and all government will be centralised in Jerusalem, Israel one of the few countries that were untouched in the conflict.. The world language is decreed to be English. Countries will retain their names and borders and there will still be local governments in every country to maintain law and order but these will report into the ‘World Parliament’ and take direction from there. ​


2024 In an effort to catalogue and control criminal and terrorist activity the World Parliament commissions FATHER, (Fortunately this corporation and its technology plants are largely intact post War) to develop a micro chipping device capable of being permanently implanted and sustained in the human body for this purpose. Brian Wormald steps down from the position of Director of the Board and is succeeded by Piotr Jay who has founded many advances in the design of the original microchip. FATHER re-brands their new microchip as ‘The G.O.D.TECH Processor’ ​


2024 On 21st December a British neurologist James Alexander Crawford is the first person in the world to have a new G.O.D.TECH silicon computer chip surgically implanted into his arm. Also incorporating the earlier GPS technology a network of satellites sends a positioning signal to a chip implanted beneath the skin which can identify the target, track movement and monitor health. This has been made possible with the recent discoveries by its subsidiary charity sponsored by FATHER, the ‘Society of Nanotechnology’, (commonly referred to as SON). ​


2024 February Microchip ID via G.O.D.TECH Technology is proposed for a 3rd time in the World Parliament as a means to global identification, reducing crime and tracking terrorists. This time it is received positively by all members and the law is passed. ​


2024 March The World Central Bank announces plans they are working with FATHER on incorporating contactless functions into the new G.O.D.TECH microchips. ​


2024 April 24th in the UK and USA is designated as National Micro-chipping Day. This day all citizens have to register for themselves, their children and pets for appointments to be micro-chipped with G.O.D.TECH 2 (or GOD2), which has additional features to store personal details, passport and identification and has access to be able to process all financial transactions wirelessly without need for a reciprocator device such as chip & pin or cash point as all financials are stored electronically. ​


2025 In liaison with the World Parliament who are still struggling to manage the financial burden of rebuilding many nations Piotr Jay leads FATHER to develop a software program to run a World lottery which all citizens can register their unique microchip ID weekly with a chance of a huge windfall. The bountiful return from this enterprise stimulates rebuilding across the Globe. ​


2025 The FATHER releases GOD3 their third silicon processor, which can be implanted in the forehead. This amazing discovery allows the user all the benefits of the previous innovations but also gives the user the ability to link to locks on doors and safes and encrypt them so only they can access them. It also allows users to surf the Internet, and play games in 4D without additional consoles or VDU’s. This is due to the incorporation of ‘The Spirit’ software. All users implanted with GOD1 & GOD2 are entitled to a free upgrade. ​


2026 To ease transactions globally the Japanese Yen, the US dollar and the European ECU have unified into a new World Currency Unit (WCU). The world can now fully appreciate a free market economy in peace under the World Parliament. ​


2026 On the 6th June the World Parliament signs a seven year peace treaty with Jerusalem, Palestine and Israel. This historic event has allowed the World Parliament with the help of the FATHER to musher in a peace agreement with every nation around the world. A world religion has been created made up of leaders from all religions to show the people that all paths can lead to GOD, including a GOD inside all of us. 


2026 On 12th September FATHER launches the GOD4 with advances in ‘The Spirit’ software now has the capability for users to enter into a 4D world nicknamed ‘Utopia’ where they may interact with others in cyberspace, Corporations can interface globally without leaving their bases of operation. Gamers can lose themselves in MMO (Multi Media Online) Games which are like real life. ​


2026 On the 9th November the World Parliament legislation becomes law and is based upon the six commandments of the War on Terrorism Act 2023:

• Love the law with all your heart and obey.

• Anyone who does not seek GOD under the agreement of the world religion is a terrorist of peace.

• Anyone who discovers a terrorist of peace must report them to the authorities.

• No Free Man must murder another Free Man.

• No one shall steal from another.

• All taxes must be paid. ​


2027 On the 1st January FATHER launches the G.O.D.TECH 4D Expansion pack is added as part of the World Religion, the FATHER has announced that people can now use their GOD4 as part of their worship. It triggers a higher state of consciousness in their mind that helps them meet with their inner GOD. People of the world are encouraged by the World Parliament to find GOD in themselves. New Age groups have approved this as a growth in spiritual power and awareness of GOD. Some Christian groups are opposed to this new law. ​


2027 On the 31st January the circulation of money will be taken away. Hence forth, people will use either a G.O.D.TECH implant or chip-integrated ID cards as commissioned by the FATHER Many human rights groups are accepting this as a new way of life. ​


2027 The World Central Bank, WCB, has announced that all SMART cards will be replaced by the G.O.D.TECH Microprocessor to prevent future fraud and card theft. This law has been approved in all main legal groups. This will also help discover the anti-peace terrorists amongst us, those who are against the World Religion. After a long fight with certain Christian ‘terrorist’ groups, all ID cards have been banned and the public is now forced to accept G.O.D.TECH implants as their only way of transacting money.